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“Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something is worth doing no matter how it turns out.”  — Václav Havel
“We don’t have to wait for anything at all. What we have to do is start.” 
— Octavia Butler


#NotT00Late is a project to invite newcomers to the climate movement, as well as provide climate facts and encouragement for people who are already engaged but weary. We believe that the truths about the science, the justice-centered solutions, the growing strength of the climate movement and its achievements can help. They can assuage the sorrow and despair, and they can help people see why it’s worth doing the work the climate crisis demands of us.

We know that there are still important choices to make about climate, and we don't have to wait hoping for national politicians to act. We know individual actions matter, but in order to have effective change it will take mass action from people everywhere. We know the difference between the best and worst case scenarios matters. We know that the future is being decided in the present. We know that a lot of people are overwhelmed by doom and gloom. It is not too late. At the same time, we are not here to avoid the worst news. We are here to fortify people to face it and to try to change it. 


We also believe that some of the challenging emotions we feel about the planet's climate stem from commonly held frameworks about how change works, where power resides, and what possibility looks like, and we are here to think with you about those as well. Our goal is to offer good news, perspectives,  voices, connections to people, as well as good paths forward for the climate and those who care about it. 

Not Too Late is the book for anyone who is despondent, anxious, or unsure about climate change and seeking answers. As the contributors to this volume make clear, the future will be decided by whether we act in the present—and we must act to counter institutional inertia, fossil fuel interests, and political obduracy.

Contributors include Julian Aguon, Jade Begay, adrienne maree brown, Edward Carr, Renato Redantor Constantino, Joelle Gergis, Jacquelyn Gill, Mary Annaise Heglar, Mary Anne Hitt, Roshi Joan Halifax, Nikayla Jefferson, Antonia Juhasz, Kathy Jetnil Kijiner, Fenton Lutunatabua & Joseph Sikulu, Yotam Marom, Denali Nalamalapu, Leah Stokes, Farhana Sultana, and Gloria Walton

Now Available

Not Too Late cover 4-04.tif
What Can I Do

What Can I Do?

Everybody’s practical guide to what they can do against climate chaos and for a just and thriving natural and human world.

The climate movement needs you. In this pamphlet, we outline some of the ways you can join it, and we share examples of how ordinary people have found their role, their power, their impactful projects, and their climate community. There’s a place for you in the crucial work of speeding the transition away from destruction
and toward thriving. Figuring out where your skills are useful and what you can stick with is important. Identifying whom to work with and what to work on is crucial.

We're serious when we say it's not too late. If you have questions, we have some answers. 




We'll be adding more resources on the website in the future. For now here's some good places to start if you want to learn more.

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